Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dreaming Of You Tonight

I plug in the headphones and turn up the volume.

As "Radio Classique" begins to fill my room with its soothing melodies, a sigh of relief slips out from underneath my breath and I slowly realize that I have survived yet another day.

The children are in bed. The dishes are clean. And I am finally free.

It's only the end of day 14, but these last two weeks have felt like an eternity. With hundreds of emotions running through my mind every second of every day, I can't help but be exhausted. But for some reason or another, a sense of calm has overcome me tonight, and I find myself thinking not of Paris, or of how far away I am, or of how difficult things have been, but of something far more important.

Tonight, all I care to think about is my family.

As I listen to the music, I close my eyes and immediately see my father sitting outside on his patio, reading a book, with his wife by his side and their littlest playing out in the yard. In another instant, I can see my mom and John sitting out on the back porch over looking the beatiful waters of the bay, watching the sun go down as they drink their wine and enjoy each others company.

I know that I may be thousands of miles away, but, at least for tonight, I feel as though I am right there beside them.

So to all of my family and friends out there, I want you to know that I not only keep you close in my heart, but also in my dreams.

Good night and sleep tight.

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